♥ Happy new year xD Hehe :]

In Swedennnnn ~
# Afternoon sun, the cold weather in Sweden. What I am very proud.
But there is something that I do not like the wind, I do not like the wind it is tedious.
Creatures called me: D I'm happy to see someone who is smiling. Unlike in Thailand.
Thailand floods. Many people do not smile. But I do hope that people will come back again just as before :]
I love my home country . I will never forget. And  I are not neglected Thailand.
If someone asks, "You flooded my house," Yes  "I ...Flooded my home. The Thailand are my home. "
I love Thailand <3
Just me'
I have on my life I have seen many people happy. I want everyone to be happy like me:)
Born to a life worth living, live with happiness and suffering, etc., for who I am xD
might be some obstacles. But I was never discouraged. I step through it until today.
My life is very happy too, I think anyone would be happy like I'm in for some time:) But do not be discouraged.
I believe it will pass through this barrier.
I believe it will pass through this barrier.


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